I bought the Gift Card but the Gift Card recipient has not received it yet?
Do not worry, your order is safe with us. The Gift Card will arrive to the email address of Gift Card recipient usually in around 10 minutes after your online payment has been successfully accepted. If the recipient of your Gift Card has not received the Gift Card per email after 1 hour, please contact our Call Center,In case you have scheduled the delivery for another date, the Gift Card will arrive on that date. You can schedule the delivery up to 30 days before the event.
The Birthday of the person I want to offer the Gift Card is only in 20 days. Can I buy the Gift Card now?
Yes. You can buy the gift card for the later delivery. This is possible up to 30 days from the day of purchase. Your recipient will receive the Gift Card in his/her email inbox on the scheduled day of delivery, you have selected.
How can I order a Gift Card for a person who doesn’t have an email?
You can place the Gift Card order for the recipient’s name but you can put your email instead. Then you will receive an Email. You can print an email, put it into the nice envelope and offer it to your gift recipient directly.
How do I get a refund for my Gift Card?
We are sorry to see you want to cancel your Gift Card present. As per our sales conditions, the Gift Card is unfortunately nonrefundable.
How do I pay for the Gift Card?
Only credit cards are accepted to purchase the Gift Card
Will I receive a confirmation after placing an order?
Upon placing an order, we will send you an Order Confirmation and a Payment Confirmation.The recipient of your Gift Card will receive a beautiful email with the gift card design you have selected. Inside the email he will find a voucher ID and all the information required for redeeming the vouchers on https://luxair.lu while purchasing a flight.You can also check the Term and Conditions of the Gift Card following the link you received in the email.
How do I check the status of my Gift Card order?
You will receive a confirmation Email with all the details upon purchase of your Gift Card. You can check the Order Status on this website: https://giftcards.luxair.lu/en-gb/order-status
How do I check the balance of my Gift Card order?
You can check your balance anytime on our customer portal https://giftcards.luxair.lu/en-gb/CheckBalance
Can I recharge my Gift Card?
The Gift Cards cannot be recharged, but feel free to buy a new Gift Card any time you wish!
Can I use my Gift Card partially?
This depends on the Terms and Conditions of each Gift Card. You can find the Terms & Conditions in the email with the Gift Card. Some Gift Cards can be redeemed only once, some Gift Cards can be redeemed multiple times until balance goes to zero.In case the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the difference shall be paid by the bearer.No refunds or credit note shall be issued for unused part of the Gift Card
What is the validity of my Gift Cards?
The validity of the Gift Card is written in your email and is counted from the receipt date of the Gift Card.
I misspelled the name while purchasing the Gift Card, what can I do ?
Please contact our call center and we will gladly correct the name on the Gift Card
Can I purchase a Gift Card in a travel agency?
The purchase of a Gift Card can be done online. You can also purchase a gift card at the Luxair Travel Agency at the Lux-Airport or in Munsbach.
Can I redeem my Gift Card in a travel agency?
This is not yet feasible but you can already redeem your gift card(s) on our websites: www.luxair.lu and www.luxairtours.lu
Can I use my Gift Card on a package holiday?
Since December 15th 2021, it is possible to redeem your gift card(s) on a package holiday